BlueLights / Events


April 9, 2024


Brussels, Belgium


UN Ocean Decade

On April 9, 2024, at El Centre de la Platja in Barcelona, Spain, was abuzz with excitement and collaboration as we celebrated the Blue Education in Action Day.  

This transformative event brought together passionate individuals dedicated to integrating rivers and the ocean into classrooms through blue education initiatives.  

From 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., pupils, students, teachers, scientists, and local authorities united to share experiences, collaborate, and innovate future blue education concepts and initiatives. The day was filled with inspiring discussions, interactive workshops, and insightful presentations, all aimed at empowering the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and values needed for sustainable action.  

Highlights of the event included:  

  • Engaging Workshops: Participants delved into hands-on activities and learned new methodologies to bring blue education to life in classrooms.  
  • Collaborative Sessions: Attendees had the opportunity to co-develop future blue education initiatives, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.  
  • Expert Presentations: Leading scientists and educators shared their insights on the importance of ocean literacy and the role of blue education in promoting sustainability.  

The event was a resounding success, leaving everyone inspired and motivated to continue their efforts in blue education. The collective enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by all participants underscored the importance of working together to nurture a sustainable future. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this incredible day. 

Your contributions and engagement made a significant impact, and we look forward to seeing the positive changes that will emerge from our collaborative efforts.  

Stay connected with the BlueLightS Project for more updates and future events. Together, let’s continue to inspire and empower the next generation for a better, more sustainable world.  

We are grateful for your support and look forward to more successful events like this in the future!