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BlueLights has the overarching aim of enhancing ocean and water literacy in European schools, and we are fully aligned with the objectives of Mission Ocean and Waters

  • Protecting and restoring the ecosystems
  • Preventing and eradicating pollutions
  • Setting the path towards a sustainable blue economy

To achieve this, BlueLightS partners will be:

  1. Creating a knowledge base on Blue (school) education
  2. Providing support for European blue schools
  3. Engaging in Blue education Community of Practice
  4. Developing and testing a Blue education framework for national upscaling

How we work

Quality of Blue Projects: Improving the quality of blue projects by assessing their maturity levels and exploring pedagogical approaches like open schooling and multidisciplinary learning.

Co-learning and Co-building: Promoting collaborative learning practices within schools, consortiums, and countries through initiatives like eTwinning and the Charter on Blue Education.

Bottom-up Community Development: Scaling up efforts to create a robust EU Blue School community by fostering local networks and regional collaborations.

Diversity of the Blue School Community: Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders and ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in blue education initiatives.

The Framework on Blue Education: Developing a framework to guide the implementation of effective ocean and water literacy programs in schools, emphasizing parental and community involvement.

Liasing with Initiatives on All Scales: Collaborating with relevant initiatives such as PREP4BLUE, UN Ocean Decade programs, and European ocean education coalitions.

Sister Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueLightS is an EU Horizon Europe project that brings together 16 partners from across Europe to strengthen the skills and competencies of European children and youth to deliver “blue” (river and seas) resilience and sustainability. The project is directly aligned with and contributing to the EU Mission ‘Restore our oceans and water by 2030’.

BlueLightsS is supporting exciting co-built blue challenge projects in schools; facilitating a conversation at different scales between the “blue” and education communities; and, experimenting adaptions in education systems that raise attention given to rivers and seas.

Blue education refers to efforts to enhance the understanding of the ocean among children and young people to engage students in ocean knowledge and conservation and inspire them towards action and the integration of the ocean in their education, careers, and lives.

Blue Schools bring the ocean into the classroom using project-based learning, engaging students in marine- and maritime-related topics. The EU Network of Blue Schools, launched by the EU4Oceans Coalition, brings together diverse actors working on blue education projects across the continent.

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As individual or organisation committed to Blue Education in Europe - teacher, training institute, education agency & ministry, ocean & freshwater (public and private) stakeholder supporting education activities, NGO, academia/research center, local and regional authority.... this is your space to connect, find resources, share experiences, exchange ideas and develop collaborative initiatives.

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